The resources to support a successful capital formation.

Aspen Capital Fund provides advisory and professional services with a specific focus on how to raise capital.    The Investor Accelerator from Aspen Capital Fund is uniquely prepared to create a successful capital raise and investor relations strategy.

Get meetings with investors without an existing relationship or introduction.

About Aspen Capital Fund

Gregory Tanner is our Founder & Manager.  His ambitious vision has helped create Aspen Capital Fund. He has used his experience through mergers and acquisitions  to build his business since 1991.

In his many years as an entrepreneur, he learned that there is a big gap in knowledge and experience in the capital raise / investor relations space. After reviewing hundreds, if not thousands of business plans and pitches, he saw the same errors and misconnections repeat themselves.  The number one issue that kept repeating is the entrepreneurs lack of investor lead generation along with how to get their foot in the door.  He learned to appreciate that he was fortunate enough to have learned how to do a successful capital raise strategy.  Through formal education, work experience the venture capital industry, hundreds of meetings and contacts he assembled what worked.

The difficulty isn’t finding capital, it’s the lack of knowledge on the process of how to successfully get the capital.  Much of the knowledge in the Investor Accelerator isn’t something you find or can learn in a single seminar or classroom.  Gathering this knowledge can take a tremendous amount of time and trial and error.

Gregory is a leading expert in Hispanic marketing and strategy.  Prior to creating Aspen Capital Fund he created and developed strategy and investment theory at Vydrogen and Thunderbolt Venture Co.   He as led investments in Jupiternetwork and  He currently manages TannerGonzalez a growing Hispanic Brand and a number of other companies.

Greg has worked as a member of senior management and along senior management on alternative strategic solutions from acquisitions,  start up funding,  new market strategy, and growth strategy.

Greg has an Executive Certificate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School  of Management and Studied Nuclear Engineering at University of New Mexico.  He is also a Hoya Progam Graduate.

Angelo Tanner  is a Managing Director at Aspen Capital Fund |President of Midnight Oil Corporation. 

As an entrepreneur Angelo has had first-hand experience in building businesses from the ground floor. Angelo has over 15+ years’ experience managing and directing technological operations relating to strategic technology planning, execution, and development. He has served as a senior team member to globally recognized brands. His roles have included CEO, COO, Sales and Business Development. Angelo is a Subject Matter Expert on the impact of digital technology in general and the sports, media, and technology sectors in particular. Angelo provides hands on development, support and strategy experience to clients of all sizes.   Angelo has participated as a senior team member and consulted to business regarding technology issues, and implementation for short and long term business needs and has developed enterprise structure for growth and agility.  He has moved companies from high cost, inefficient infrastructure systems to high value and highly efficient systems.

Angelo was instrumental in building and reviving the Jupiternetwork brand. Angelo was on the frontline when Jupiternet was started in 1999 as the first employee and facilitated the merger with 3T Systems in 2008. Angelo created the brand, team and network of people to create one of the most recognized businesses in the Rocky Mountain Region.  He currently is the President of the Midnight Oil Corporation.  He is heavily involved in music management and technology platforms and currently manages Halo Management .

Angelo is a graduate of the University of Denver.

Aspen Capital fund Client Testimonial - Douglas

“Aspen Capital Fund helped me prepare for a capital raise. The system was incredibly helpful, and the team was hardworking, somehow completing at least a week’s worth of work in just a couple of days. By listening thoughtfully, the team was able to organize my presentation with clarity, and the Aspen Capital Fund business experience provided me with great insight and an informed outsider’s perspective. Thanks.”